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Supports Kevin Reid

I write in support of Kevin Reid’s candidacy for DeLand city commissioner. I first met Kevin Reid at his wedding to Jennifer Rigsby Reid in 2005. Since then, I have enjoyed sharing many Thanksgiving dinners with Kevin and his family, and watching his children grow up.

I had the distinct pleasure of sponsoring Kevin’s membership in the DeLand Rotary Club in 2012. Kevin has shown the truth of Rotary’s motto of “service above self - one profits most who serves the best.” 

Due to his exceptional service to the community, Kevin was asked to serve as president-elect-elect of the DeLand Rotary Club.

Kevin’s record of service is not limited to Rotary International. He has also served on the Planning Board for the City of DeLand since 2014.

Thus, I believe Kevin Reid is uniquely well-qualified to serve on the City Commission for the City of DeLand. I commend him to your attention.

Astrid De Parry, DeLand


Endorses Kevin Reid

I have known Kevin Reid since he joined the Rotary Club of DeLand five years ago. During that time, he impressed me and the other members of our club so much that he was chosen to be president only after being in the club for a couple of years.

Kevin is currently our club president and is doing an amazing job of leading us.

He obviously cares about our community and actively participates in all of our club projects to improve the community. He has also been involved in government activities to enhance our lives.

As an accountant and financial adviser, he would be able to analyze the city income and expenses in order to make good decisions regarding our community.

I admire his honesty, integrity and, particularly, his dedication to his family. I know that he will do what is best for DeLand.

Karen Weiss, Ph.D. DeLand


Endorses Kevin Reid

I just wanted to show my support and endorsement for Kevin Reid. I have lived in south DeLand for the past 17 years with my wife and family, and this is the first time I have ever officially endorsed a candidate for any office.

I have worked with Kevin on community projects and know firsthand that he is an accomplished leader. He is also one of the most considerate and caring individuals I know.

I speak with firsthand knowledge that Kevin has a great concern for all people regardless of who they are or where they come from. He has a strong compassion for the greater good of DeLand and its community.

Under his leadership, DeLand will continue to be vivacious and a prosperous city.

Kevin’s devotion to family and community, and his ability to bring people together, make him the strongest candidate in the field. Join me and cast your ballot for Kevin Reid, an outstanding individual and leader.

James Zacharias, DeLand


Support for Reid

The Ken Bradley household is happy and excited to support Kevin Reid for DeLand city commissioner.

Ken Bradley, DeLand


Endorses Kevin Reid

I know Kevin Reid from the Rotary Club of DeLand. Having been a Rotarian for five-and-a-half years, Kevin is our current president. Besides co-chairing our annual golf tournament for two years, Kevin has served on the board of directors, where his knowledge of accounting and finance was extremely helpful.

In the past, Kevin worked with me on a literacy technology grant for preschoolers. His technological input was invaluable, as well as his attention to detail.

With four young sons, Kevin is passionate about literacy and opportunities for youth. He has been active in Cub Scout Pack 550, and has assisted with Blue Lake Elementary School’s “One Book-One School” Literacy Project.

Each year since joining the Rotary Club of DeLand, Kevin has supported all aspects of our Dictionary Project, from participating in the Bowling Tournament (to raise funds for the dictionaries), to preparing the dictionaries for distribution, to delivering the dictionaries to West Volusia third grade classrooms, and to leading students in some dictionary-skill exercises.

“Be Prepared” is the Boy Scout motto. As an Eagle Scout, Kevin Reid embodies that motto. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Reid for DeLand city commissioner Seat 5 because a vote for Kevin Reid is a vote to assure that DeLand is prepared for the future.

Ilene Vegazo DeLand


Endorses Kevin

I fully endorse Kevin for the City Commission.

Fred H. Kaiser, DeLand

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